Nybergs is a modern, innovative knowledge company. Our vision is to be the first choice partner for intelligent, hygienic lifting and handling systems in stainless steel material.

Our work starts close to root of the problem, and takes into account the needs expressed by our customers. The solution to the problem is a product that meets the relevant specifications and incorporates the acquired experience and skills of Nybergs. All combined in an effective package of excellent service and a helpful attitude.

Many years of experience has led to the company now designing and delivering extremely advanced, special machine systems in stainless steel for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Along with the world’s most demanding purchasers, our list of references also includes smaller local customers.

The “Nybergs lift” is regularly delivered today to world-leading pharmaceutical companies both in the US and Japan.


Since 1975, Nybergs has gained a wealth of experience in solving in the manufacturing industry. More than 30 years of solving problems has meant that the company today has built up a strong reputation among its competitors within its specialist fields. Our vision is that Nybergs will be the first-choice partner for lifting and handling systems in demanding environments where restrictions exist. At Nybergs we also see ourselves more as a partner than a supplier of goods. This is due to a great extent on the character of the assignments where a basic requirement is a close and clear line of communication with the customer.


Why not contact or visit Nybergs in Falun, Sweden? Our premises are located by the shores of the wonderful Lake Runn.